How to relieve back pain during pregnancy

back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is a frequent issue in pregnancy, and supportive devices like a pregnancy support belt may help considerably.

During pregnancy, the female body undergoes considerable changes and stress. Studies show that back pain is quite common during pregnancy. Therefore, the majority of pregnant women will experience some pain or discomfort in the lower back.

Managing any painful condition in pregnancy is challenging, as drug therapy is not an option in most cases. It means that one should consider non-pharmacological means of preventing and managing pregnancy-related nuisances.

A pregnancy belt or belly band not only helps prevent backaches but it has numerous other benefits.

back pain during pregnancy

A pregnancy support belt may help prevent backaches

Studies show that at least 70% or even more pregnant women will have lower back pain in pregnancy. There are numerous reasons for such a high prevalence of lower back pain.

One of the reasons is that the body releases various hormones like relaxin, resulting in the relaxation of various supportive ligaments. It considerably increases the risk of backache.

Another cause for backache, especially in the later stages, is an increased uterus size, which causes stress on various adjoining ligaments. Additionally, increased body mass causes unusually high strain on the body.

A pregnancy support belt helps in many ways. It provides mild but much needed support to the lower part of the belly. Additionally, women who wear belly belts tend to be more aware and less likely to make certain movements.

Support during physical activity

Exercise and physical activity are related to better outcomes of pregnancy. It is because physical activity helps maintain cardiorespiratory health and has a positive influence on muscles strength.

But staying active during pregnancy poses certain challenges. For example, women often find that increasing fetal size and thus belly size causes a certain level of discomfort.

In such instances, a pregnancy support belt may help.

Exercising while pregnant

Increased awareness of proper posture

The pregnancy support belt should not be very tight, and it should be barely felt when the spine is erect. This is because, during the erect spine, its role is only to provide some support to the lower belly.

However, on bending, the belt should be felt immediately, causing some mild resistance. This can help prevent certain unrequired movements that may not be good during pregnancy. It may also help avoid erratic movements. Overall, experience shows that those who wear pregnancy support belts are more aware of their condition.

Help reduce pressure on the bladder

It is especially an issue during the second half of pregnancy. Many pregnant women complain about the constant urge. Pregnancy support help helps by slightly lifting the belly and thus relieving at least some pressure from the urinary bladder.

Frequent urination of pregnant women

Things to consider before starting wearing a pregnancy support belt

Pregnancy belts are pretty safe when used correctly. Nonetheless, there are few things to keep in mind:

  • It is always a good idea to consult a doctor or a physiotherapist before starting to wear pregnancy belts. Certain medical conditions may not allow wearing compression garments.
  • Start by wearing a pregnancy belt for only a few hours a day. It is vital to remember that a pregnancy belt is not worn for a whole day. One should wear it for a few hours a day during the most active hours of the day. Pregnancy support belts may be suitable when doing exercise or going shopping.
  • One should not be overly dependent on a pregnancy support belt. It is not a replacement for exercise. It can support body structures, but it cannot strengthen them.
  • For those who experience backaches or other issues, it is vital to understand that pregnancy support belts are not remedies. Thus, one would still need to manage the underlying problems. In addition, it may be of little use in severe backache.

To conclude, a pregnancy support belt is a pretty simple device to use. Yet, it may help considerably in most cases. However, quite like any medical device, one needs to use it accurately to see results.

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Have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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