Hi, I'm Roslyn Trimboli


My passion is to see people enjoying a healthy and happy life!

My journey as a physiotherapist has been an exciting one. Since the very beginning of my career, I’ve had the privilege to help thousands of people get their health back and, as a result of their improved health, their life back on track.

Seeing so many patients over the years living their lives in pain when they didn’t have to was very upsetting to me, so I’ve made it a challenge to find the most effective ways to get rid of or alleviate pain.

I’ve experimented with hundreds of physiotherapy products promising great results, and many were a disappointment and a waste of my patient’s money, so the products you see on The Physio Shop are hand-picked by me based on their effectiveness and performance.

But I didn’t stop there! Some products I couldn’t find in the market hence why I’ve designed my own. The Brace Yourself Posture Brace and Back on Track Kinesiology Tape are carefully developed and expertly designed for real results!

My Products

These ‘overachiever’ products are going to keep you away from physio visits!

Better Health

Are your employee's health costing you?

Back, shoulder and neck pain cost an estimated 8.15 billion in lost earnings and productivity for Australian employers yearly and the main cause of pain is bad posture.

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Why I'm So Passionate About Good Posture

Check out the Posture Brace that is changing lives!