Back On Track Tape


The Back On Track is not like any other kinesiology tape, it’s better! It’s one of the most comfortable tapes available that feels like a second skin due to the four-way stretch and high-technology breathable material it’s made from. It promotes the natural movement making it an ideal choice for sports and daily activities. It’s waterproof and lasts up to 5 days on the skin.

What’s the difference between the Back On Track Tape and other tapes?

  • It’s waterproof and has no release from sweating. You can bath after practising sports (it lasts up to 5 days)
  • Strong stickiness, latex-free and it does not cause skin irritation if applied correctly
  • High elasticity and reduces 180% of the load on the body
  • It has high recoil and resistance – its resistance is many times that of a kinesiology tape. This means that when the tape is used appropriately and correctly, it can reduce the loads on the body, protect from injury and reduce the risk of pain and recurrence
  • It has a lymphatic draining component due to the elastic recoil on skin that allows swollen joints and tendons to settle within days
  • It’s great for posture when applied to the upper back in the correct way and can be worn for 5 days – great when worn with the Brace Yourself Posture Brace
  • Promotes natural movement
  • Stretches in four different directions and does not lock up movement like a rigid tape, allowing you to continue to do the things you love while wearing it
  • Allowing full movement ensures optimal dissipation of load, maintenance of balance as well as the performance of techniques required for sports or activities

Tape quality:

  • Highly breathable
  • Cotton/ Spandex
  • The thickness and elasticity that replicates that of human skin provide the most comfortable wear

5cm, 7.5cm (Thicker)


Cotton/ Spandex


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