Elektra Magnesium Mineral Salt Flakes


Naturally evaporated from salt water located 3000m above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau. Food grade quality magnesium chloride salts with trace minerals containing over 6% ionic magnesium pH=7 in solution. The magnesium mineral salt flakes are a convenient way to incorporate magnesium chloride into your daily routine.

Magnesium Flakes soaking allows your body to absorb magnesium via the skin, effectively bypassing the digestive system and gaining faster access to cells. It is wonderfully relaxing – especially after a really hard day of physical or mental exertion. Soak or bathe all your cares away, relieve tight or sore muscles and joints, relax the nervous system, promote better sleep and recover from stress.  

Magnesium soaking is a superior method of absorbing magnesium to tissue cells in the case of magnesium deficiency compared to taking tablets and powders.

The other great benefit of magnesium flakes foot soaking or bathing is the therapeutic effect of the heat of the water itself.  Magnesium flakes soaking is very soothing and relaxing and helps to prepare for a sound sleep if done half an hour before bedtime.

Recommended Dilution:

  • Use 1 cup per half bath
  • Use 1 dessert spoon in half a bucket of hot water for a foot soak



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