Loop Band Set of 3


Blackroll® Loop Bands are an innovation on the resistance band market and are specially designed for training small muscle chains. By specifically training these muscles you reduce your risk of injury and improve your body statics. At the same time, the resistance loop band promotes muscles that are not or only slightly stressed in other sports.

The set includes three training bands (32cm) offering varied resistance for strengthening small muscle chains. The bands are made from hypoallergic textile material for better comfort.

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As a flexible and handy training device, the BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND kit can be used wherever you want to do a sports unit. This can be at home, in the office during your lunch break or in the park after work.


  • Unique, patented textile material for pleasant training comfort
  • Suited for allergy sufferers, no contact with rubber or latex
  • Pleasant haptic
  • Solid and resistant material


The carefully developed fabric resistance band has a length of 32 centimetres and can be used flexibly for many different exercises. It is made of a textile material that provides for higher training comfort. At the same time, the textiles used are particularly skin-friendly and have a pleasant feel even after prolonged use. You receive the BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS in different resistance strengths. Check out the overview below for more information. Also available as individual fabric resistance bands.


The resistance band kit is the perfect companion for workouts without a gym membership. Get a full-body workout and boost your fitness level. Whether you are focussing on yoga poses, activation or strength training, the bands are perfect for both types of exercises. Due to the woven natural rubber in skin-friendly textile fibres, you will not experience any annoying pulling on the skin during the workout and there will be no reddening of the skin surface. At the same time, you can change the intensity and scope of your training every day. Due to the many possibilities to design the exercises, you won’t get bored during the training and it is fun to keep yourself fit.


  • Before every training, you should check the fitness band for damages and only use undamaged material.
  • Start your workout slowly and use a BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND with low resistance.
  • You can gradually increase the amount of exercise you do and switch to higher resistance models.
  • It is important that you do your exercises at a slow and steady pace. Also, make sure that you breathe evenly.
  • Exhalation should be done with the BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS during the strenuous exercise.
  • If you experience pain, you should stop exercising immediately and seek the advice of a medical specialist.


  • Orange – light: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 57g, Max Force ca 3.2 kg, Elongation ca 140%
  • Green – medium: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 64g, Max Force ca 5.4 kg, Elongation ca 120%
  • Blue – strong: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 70g, Max Force ca 6.6 kg, Elongation ca 120%


Size, Weight & Force

(3x) approx. 32cm x 6cm, 148g (Set) Orange: approx. 32cm x 6cm, 57g, Max Force ca 3.2 kg, Elongation ca 140% Green: approx. 32cm x 6cm, 64g, Max Force ca 5.4 kg, Elongation ca 120% Blue: approx. 32cm x 6cm, 70g, Max Force ca 6.6 kg, Elongation ca 120%

Made in Germany

Highest product quality Produced with verified materials STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 2 years warranty


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