Donjoy Duostrap Back Brace


The DonJoy Duostrap Back Brace is designed for therapeutic relief and lumbar-abdominal support. It’s the perfect lumbar support for abdominal conditions, temporary (post-partum) or persistent (obesity) abdominal weakness.


  • Pain relief – Exerting strong compression helps alleviate lumbar pain
  • Postural reminder – Proprioceptive effect helps prevent noxious movements
  • Stabilization & controlled Mobilization – Via strong wraparound and limited range-of-motion
  • Abdominal weakness compensation – Via strong elastic compressive material Patient Profile


  • Strong compressive elastic material – Enhanced abdominal and dorsal support
  • High waist design – Increased overall abdominal hold
  • Double Bilateral straps – To adjust compression level
  • Straps with finger pockets – Ease of adjustment


Measure your waist circumference.

XS: 56-68cm

S: 68-82cm

M: 82-98cm

L: 98-116cm

XL: 116-136cm

XXL: 136-156cm


XS: 56-68cm, S: 68-82cm, M: 82-98cm, L: 98-116cm, XL: 116-136cm, XXL: 136-156cm


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